He Poked The Turtle With A Stick, The Turtle’s Reaction Was Fierce


You should never underestimate the power of any creature, even if it was a tiny, weak one. This video will leave you speechless. It all started when a man filmed himself while he was poking a turtle with a stick.


Despite that the man is considered as an animal abuser, the turtle didn’t hide in its shell, the little snapping turtle just had enough of that man, the turtle attacked him with an incredible speed that he can’t even think about a reaction to take. The turtle’sjaw was open, it attacked the man which made him fall down with his camera, and the man was very scared, that he started shouting, he never expected this attack. The turtle was furious, its attack was speedy,it was a scary one especially when the turtle opened its jaw. The man wasn’t only poking the turtle with the stick; he also tried to grabs its tail. I think that he deserves it.

9-21-2015 4-25-48 PM

Simply, this video shows how every animal can defends itself, so never underestimate an animal’s power even if it was small. I think that this is the real ninja turtle.

It’s called snapping turtle, and it’s known for her ability to defend itself, they are used to defending themselves especially in the time where they stay out of water. As you saw, this is what actually happens when this man attacked it. The snapping turtles pull their heads back in their shell before attacking, and they also open their jaw in the time of defending themselves.

I think that it’s not an easy lesson for the man to learn. Watch the video above and don’t forget to share it with your friends, and remember, never underestimate the power of any creature, because simply there are no weak animals, but each one of them has own its special power.