He Pulled Her Tongue Out And Wrapped It With Tape, See The Amazing Transformation Of Hope

   10-10-2015 3-44-49 PM

It’s heartwarming to see an animal getting saved from the horrible life it had, and getting a second chance at life. There are a lot of abused animals around the USA, and here in this video you will see one of these unfortunate cases.

Hope was an abused dog, her abuser pulled her tongue out of her mouth, and wrapped it with  black tape. He left Hope in the street, in pain and near death. When the rescuers found her, they couldn’t determine how long she had suffered.  When she arrived to the shelter, her condition was horrific.


The Parker County Sheriff Department rescued the dog after they received a call reporting her condition.  The rescue team went to the location at 8:30 am; they found the dog at 5:30, as she was scared of anyone who came close towards her. The vet found that her temperature is 3 degrees above average.  Her condition was awful.


Besides the taped tongue, Hope was covered in wounds. She started her medical treatments, and she underwent a surgery. Gradually, she began to recover.  She was very scared of people at first, but every day she got better and trusted those who were around her; her personality started to shine.  Thankfully, the dog made a full recovery.


The recovery process was not easy as it took more than two years, and now, Hope is ready to be released next week.  Investigations are still going to find who was responsible for abusing the poor creature.

Watch the video and share the amazing story of recovery with all of your family and friends.