He recorded his Great Dane dog digging in the sand, the reason why was so surprising!

Everybody, meet Sheila, the Great Dane dog that is doing her best to be friends with crabs to play with them. What this Great Dane dog did was indescribable. When the owner of the cute Sheila the Great Dane dog took her to the beach, he found her digging in the sand to let the crabs out of it, then she started to chase them, and watching them while they are running on the sand.


What a cute adorable dog, she is wonderful; she just wanted to play with them, how cute! It seems that dogs will be the new crabs’ best friend.It’s not something new for Great Dane dogs, as they are known for being gentle with all other animals; she just wanted to play with the crabs not to eat it! Great Dane dogs known for being loyal, they called the king of dogs, they are loving and protective; truly, they are one of the best dogs ever.

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Great Dane dogs are very emotional. Despite of their huge size, they can be good lap dogs if you gave them enough love. Great Dane dogs respond very well for their practice, and they also require a wide space to live in, which make them not suited to live in small apartments. Great Dane dogs have a short haired coat which is easy to groom and clean, it won’t take much effort. Their life span is from 7 to 10 years, it’s short, because according to their giant size they are short lived.

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It seems that most dogs love to play with sea creatures, watch this cute German shepherd dog that is protecting his new lobster friend from being a delicious meal.

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