He Returned Back Home And Called On His Dog, What He Found Was Totally Shocking!

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It’s very heartwarming to see a dog who is finally rescued, and got a second chance at life. This is the story of a Florida dog named Anubis.  Anubis is a 5 years old, who was injured badly after he was shot five times, in a horrible accident that happened at his house.  When burglars broke into his house, they shot him five times. It was shocking, but what happened to the dog can only be justified as a miracle.

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The burglars shot the dog 5 times, and when his owner came back home, he called him, but the dog didn’t answer.  He then realized that the house has been burgled. The owner was totally shocked when he found his dog in the bedroom with a bullet in his head.  He thought that the dog was dead, but thankfully the dog was alive. He took the dog immediately to the vet; they found 5 holes in the dog’s head. His condition was difficult.  He was near death, but thankfully his skill was thick that the bullets didn’t kill him. Now Anubis is waiting for a second surgery and will then be on his way to a full recovery.

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Something here in this video will reassure you, when you see that people out there are caring for these animals and saving their lives. Some people out there are saving those pure souls from some human monsters. Those people have devoted their life to help animals in need. They are there, making a change; they are a blessing to this planet. The story of Anubis is a miracle, his owner is really thankful that he is still alive.

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