He Saw A Moving Creature In The River, When He Came Closer…He Was Shocked!


It’s very heartwarming to see humane people who do their best to save animals in need, not just that, faith puts them in situations where they become the only hope for trapped animals, by that rescue, they save their lives!

What this fisherman did was something precious;this fisherman was with his friend on the Warrior River with his friend fishing, but they weren’t ready for this unexpected surprise. They were fishing and suddenly they saw something moving on the surface off the water, and they were absolutely shocked when they came closer to it, they found a kitten! They came closer to it with the boat and he saved her life, he caught it from the water and put the kitten on the boat. But actually they weren’t ready to the next surprise, they saw another kitten in the river and they saved her too.

Thankfully, the two kittens were rescued on the board of the boat, and thankfully they were healthy and in a good condition. The question now is how did they get there? How they were found in the middle of the river, I know that there are some cats that know how to swim but most of them are scared of water, is there someone who pushed them or threw them in that river? It’s the weirdest rescue ever.


When the rescuer was asked about his adventure, he said that it was the first time to be in this situation, it’s the first time of everything, it’s the first time to rescue an animal, and it’s the first time to see an animal in need. How precious? This fisherman was there in the right time!

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