He sold the house, leaving the family’s dog behind. The end was heartwarming.

He sold the house, leaving the family's dog behind. The end was heartwarming.

Another rescue story that will warm your heart, nothing is more amazing than watching a dog having a second chance in life. It all started when Hope for Paws received a call about a dog that was abandoned and left to die in the streets. The owner sold the house, and left the dog behind, the heartless owner moved on with his life leaving his dog starving, and scared. Thankfully, the one who had called them about the dog was feeding her already for weeks. The little dog was roaming around the house; she was scared of the volunteers who came to help him. In 0:56, I was amazed by her cute look, it’s like they are telling them, “Are you here to save me?” The dog was very cute, she started to trust them. Lisa Chiarelli gently placed the lucky red leash around her neck. They gave her the name Madison.

They rushed to the vet to give Madison the abandoned dog a nice bath and also for the medical check on her. Thankfully, Madison was healthy and was ready for adoption. Later, she got adopted; she finally had her forever home, and started a new life.

Nothing is more amazing than giving an abandoned animal a new chance for life happily and safe. It’s very hard on pets that used to live in homes, sleep on comfy beds, to face the cruel world outside alone. It’s horrible how those heartless owners changed the life of their dogs in a moment from a happy life to a one full of danger. I am very thankful that there are some amazing people who are doing their best to save dogs in need like Madison.

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