He started brushing his cat’s teeth for the first time, her reaction was surprising!


The dental care is very important for your pets, but can you remember what happened in the first time when you brushed your pet’s teeth? The owner of this beautiful cat is brushing her cat’s teeth for the first time, at first when she saw the brush, she was very ok with it, but when he started brushing it, the cat’s reaction was totally surprising, the cat was like, “Oh my god what are you doing to me, human?” Maybe it’s strange but it’s adorably funny.

Despite the video, it’s something very important to brush your cat’s teeth, there are a lot of bacteria in the food leftovers that remains between cat’s teeth, and it is very harmful to your cat and also harmful to you. It can transfer bacteria to you and to the cat’s body parts. If you can’t do it by yourself you can ask your vet to help you.


Cats are the funniest pets, but you must know that there are many facts hidden in their life that you will be very amazed by. They can hear very strongly, they hear 8 times stronger than us, they can hear the ultra-sonic sounds which dolphins make to communicate, they also hear stronger than dogs do. There are so many breeds of cats, like Persian cats, Bangle cats and Sphynx cats..

Most times cats sleep a lot, and that’s because the hormones of growing are released while sleeping, and about sleeping, cats are sleepy creatures, they sleep about 2/3 of the day, and so if a cat’s age is 9, she is only awake for three years of her entire life. Another weird fact is that cats can make about 100 sounds, but dogs only make 10.

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