He steals EVERYTHING! Keep an eye out for Dusty, the cat thief.


If you think that thieves are only humans, you better think again, after watching this you will believe that pets can steal things, and actually, anything! This cat is a thief! His name is Dusty, every day he would go outside at night and steal things, and actually all kinds of things, even if it was the neighbors’ stuff, everything and anything, but no one could catch him in the act. But a camera can show more, a hidden camera had been set up in the street to see what is he up to and how does he steal things, or is anyone helping him? But the video that the camera recorded showed that he does it all by himself, stealing stuff like corks, clothes, pants, toys, glasses, and anything that is in his way. We are hoping for this cat to stop that bad habit soon

1-29-2015 12-52-00 PM

Actually some dogs are professionals in stealing things too, and they go most of the times for the food, and here we got all the evidences. Watch this funny video of a cocker spaniel dog who is stealing food from the kitchen counter! You won’t believe how he did it. Don’t miss this funny video of little Elmo who is stealing the treats of other dogs in just seconds, we should call him the sausage thief.

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