He taught his dogs one of the most brilliant tricks ever, see what they did.

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Oh my god, what an amazing trick, this dog must be very well trained to do such a trick, they are not rolling over, they are not playing dead, they are doing a very creative trick. This owner taught his dogs to sit on their foot so they can lift them up, a dog was standing on his owner, and the other was standing on his feet and he lift them up and stood still, isn’t it adorable? It’s the first time for me to see a dog that is doing a trick like this!

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It’s amazing to have fun with your dog as a part of exercising and it increases their energy is to train them on some simple commands. It also helps in creating a special bond between you and your dog. All you need is some patience and treats that he loves. Follow the steps and start doing this to teach your dog some amazing tricks. Get your dog his favorite type of treats, it’s a part of rewarding your dog, it will encourage him to do the commands. Choose the treat that your dog loves; choose a small treat and an easy to chew type. When you start, let your dog smell the treat first, not eat it. So your dog will understand that there is a reward, and will listen to your commands. Hold the treat with your hand and raise it above his nose, then give him a command like “sit”. Let him see that you have a treat. When you give your dog a command, you have to show him how to do it. It’s the first time for him, he needs you to show him how to do it. Repeat the steps till your dog does the command from the first time you say it. Now, despite what is the command or the trick, these steps are common.

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