He thought that his parrot wanted to play, but what his parrot wanted was unexpected.

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As always, parrots amaze us with their funny acts, they make our days better, so today you are about to meet this cute parrot that was enjoying a playful time, but while he was playing, suddenly the parrot discovered that he needed something else, instead of playing, he found out that he wants to be brushed instead. So he went there to search for the brush and gave it to his owner to brush him, and it was the happiest time of all.

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Parrots live in tropical areas. Parrots have more than 300 breed all over the world. They are different in shape and colors, but they are all same at their beauty. Parrots are colorful and charming; they are often brightly in color. Some breeds can talk like humans, they can say every word, and they can imitate the human voice, and as you see in the video, sometimes they imitate dancing moves. Most parrots feed on seeds, but some different spices feed on flowers, fruits and maybe little insects. Parrots can live for a long time; some breeds have a life span of about 80 years. And others for 95 like the kakapo breed, or 50 years like the Hyacinth breed. Parrots are used in many art works, also flags; the flag of Dominica is featuring the Sisserou parrot. In New Zealand, the most unique breeds of parrots are living there like kea, kaka and kakapo.

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Parrots are always funny, watch this video of a cockatoo parrot that is yelling, and when you know the reason why, you won’t stop laughing about it. Don’t miss also to watch this video of a parrot who is acting like an agent, see what he did.

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