He took his pit bull to a fishing trip, but he figured out that it was a mistake!

4-28-2015 11-24-38 AM

What this pit bull dog did is totally hilarious. It seems that his owner is one of those who loves to wake up early to enjoy the beautiful side of life in the morning, he wakes up early to go fishing, and he takes his four legged companion each time with him, he loves to make the weekend special by going for fishing, but he didn’t know that his pit bull dog may ruin the day! The pit bull dog doesn’t care about how calm the day is, and how much his owner wanted to relax, he kept on yelling and shouting, he was interrupting his owner badly, well, it seems that this pit bull dog has lots of things to say, and he found that it’s the perfect chance to tell, and we have a suggestion for this owner, it’s better to put some earplugs to enjoy his fishing trips.

4-28-2015 11-21-55 AM

This video is showing the bright side of pit bull dogs, we all know that pit bull dogs are very playful, Pit bull dogs are known for their smart and highly energetic personality, they are very active and intelligent. Pit bulls are one of the best dogs; Pit bulls are emotional and this is what most of people think it’s not right; they are very socializing, calm, and confident. They can be loyal family members, and they respect their owners, and have deep love for children. They are also strong and powerful, and that makes Pit bull dogs used for dog fights, because they are very aggressive, but if they are well trained, they will be well behaved. Pit bull puppies ‘coat is very smooth and short haired which is easy to groom, you need to own a brush, and also use shampoo to bath them. Pit bull dogs must have regular exercises, which will need plenty of time, also daily long walks.

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