He used apple vinegar to clean his dog’s ear, the results are brilliant

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Cleaning your dog’s ear is one of the daily tasks. Especially if your dog is one of those breeds that have their ears flopping down, like the Labrador, because it’s not getting any type of ventilation, so it leads to the buildup of ear wax. Dog’s ear wax can cause lots of pain, itching, and also discomfort, you will find that your dog will start scratching his ears were he can hurt himself badly, and on the long run it may cause hearing loss. Cleaning your dog’s ears is a thing that irritates every dog owner. So this man discovered a new way to clean your dog’s ear easily.

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First of all you should ask your vet before doing this, as the man said, this is what his vet told him to do, so before trying this, ask your own vet, because it doesn’t suit any dog. The man in this video found that easy way to clean his dog’s ears. This man cleaned his dog’s ear using apple vinegar, we have heard about so many useful uses of it for humans specially in cleaning, and surprisingly, it’s for dogs too.

At first the man poured some of the diluted vinegar into his dog’s ears, he then started messaging his ears. Then he put a cotton ball as deep as he can reach in the dog’s ears. He started messaging the ears again, and then he pulled out the cotton ball, and the results were totally surprising! The cotton cleaned the ear perfectly; he repeated it for sometimes till the ear was totally clean.

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Now try this with your dog but don’t forget to ask the vet first. Watch the video below and share it with your dog owner friends.