He wanted to keep the hummingbirds’ food from freezing, but he never expected this to happen.

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What this man did to save this hummingbird is very heartwarming; he restored my faith in humanity. It all started in a very cold winter, one day that man realized that the food he puts in the hummingbird feeders was freezing. So he came up with a very smart idea, he put a heating pad under the feeder, to keep the food warm enough and to the birds to eat. The next day, he opened the window and he was surprised from what he saw, he saw the hummingbirds sitting on the heating pad, it keeps them warm while they are eating, isn’t it amazing? They humming birds can enjoy having breakfast now while they are feeling warm. I know that deep inside of them, the hummingbird are so thankful for that man. As he said, all what he wanted is to keep food from freezing, but he had no idea that the birds will warm up themselves with the heating pad.

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Hummingbirds are beautiful and cute, their scientific name is Trochilidae, the length average is from 7.5 – 13 cm, they are called hummingbirds according to the humming sound they create by flapping their wings, which flaps 50 times per seconds and may reach 200 times per seconds.

Hummingbirds are adorable and charming; no one can get enough of watching them. Watch this video of a hummingbird stuck and trapped in the grass and unable to move, but thankfully that man saw it and he freed it. It’s an amazing rescue.

And don’t miss also to watch this video of a man who found a baby hummingbird in a very bad situation, but he helped it till it grew up. He saved a life!

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