He was driving, but he stopped suddenly when he saw this crossing the road!

4-12-2015 1-23-17 AM

Oh my god, my heart was about to stop while I was watching this, but when I saw the end I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought that this doesn’t happen except in movies. It seems that this owner forgot about how strong dogs can be, especially when it comes to a giant breed like the Saint Bernard dog. While this driver was on a car ride, he was shocked and stopped instantly when he saw this, he saw a Saint Bernard dog pulling his owner across the road. While you watch this, you will feel like it’s a part of a cartoon, but when you think about it you will find that it’s a really scary situation and it could’ve been scary and turned to a tragedy, I am very thankful that no one was hurt, the driver stopped in the right moment. When you walk your dog, don’t ever forget about his strength, especially when he is in the size of the Saint Bernard dog. And also you have to take care while driving, when you come near a neighborhood, you have to drive slowly in a low speed.

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This video made me remember another thing that happened with a dog, and it was about to turn worse, it was when people found a dog locked inside a car and the owner left him inside with windows closed, so some noble rescuers saved the dog and freed him from the car, things were about to get worse, but thankfully those people came to help in the right time. So you better not leave your dog alone in a locked car.

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