He was making the bed, but the cats made it funnier to do so.

6-11-2015 2-22-11 AM

I have no doubt that cats make our lives funnier with what I call “cat’s’ logic”. In this video, the owner showed us how making beds is more exciting with your cat. I am sure that while watching this you will say “my cat is doing the same thing”. Here in this video you will see Cole and Marmalade laying under the sheets, they also love to chase their owner’s hand while they are under the covers; my cat loves to do that too. After preparing most of the bed, the other cat came to join her sister, they played and chased on the clean bed, I think that there owner will make it one more time.

6-11-2015 2-20-21 AM

There are lots of cat facts in common, whatever cat games that they had, your cat will keep on hiding in that card box, so that’s what we call, Cat logic. Cats, they leave filtered water and drink directly from the sink. Your cat may have lots of toys, but the toe spacer is still the most amazing game ever, and also those TV cables, are a must bite! Cats love to eat it anyway. Sometimes your cat shows you how much she is in desperate need for petting, but when you over it, your cat will start biting and scratching your hand. Despite how many cat beds you bought, the pizza box will be the best place ever to sleep in, or the bag, or any box in the home, or any pot in the kitchen.

6-11-2015 2-19-53 AM

Does your cat do the same when you make your bed? It’s so much fun, for me, I love to do the bed with my cat to enjoy that playful time. Watch the funny video below and if you find it funny, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.