Heartbreaking Moment When A Huston Police Officer Stays By His Horse Partner Till The End


For good times and for bad times this must be the real meaning of partnership. Share all these moments and make memories side by side. In a heart wrenching scene, a police officer appeared giving his partner comfort and solace.

The horse, Charlotte, and the police officer, D. Herrejon were working together as team partners for the Huston Police Department’s mounted patrol that helps to monitor downtown. Charlotte was a six-year-old and had been working for the Huston Police Department for the last four years.


Sadly, on December 3, Charlotte was hit by a cement truck and was injured fatally. With all of her fatally injuries and the need for urgent treatment as her behind legs were severely injured , a vet was called to euthanize Charlotte at the tragic scene. Her partner Herrejon was captured in a speechless photo resting his head on hers to comfort her and let her know that he is here for her till the end and this photo shows the devastated police officer who refused to leave her side.


“A spokesperson, Jodi Silva, for Houston police told BuzzFeed News that the team was on routine patrol around 10:50 a.m. when Charlotte got spooked on Fannin Street just before a cement truck stuck her. Herrejon was thrown off while Charlotte’s hind legs were severely injured”. While the incident is under investigation, the police department stated that that wasn’t the driver’s fault.


Herrejon was taken to the hospital due to his injury where he is recovering there. This must have been so hard on Him, besides his own physical injuries, the pain he feels is far beyond physical. She died by the sidewalk by his side.

Pray for him and wish him recover soon and to overcome his loss! Share the story with your friends! Rest In Peace, Charlotte!