Her boyfriend attacked her physically, what the dog did was unthinkable.

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It’s a very touching story, it’s an amazing story of survival, it shows how amazing and loyal dogs are. This is a story of a brave, courageous and a survivor woman. It all started when this woman was physically abused by her boyfriend at home. He started beating her badly, but her courageous Great Dane dog named J. Matthew was there, doing his best to protect her, he walked in to the room, and when he saw what that abuser is doing, he ran towards him and tried to defend his owner, but the abuser pushed him away. J. Matthew was brave enough to protect his owner, so he went to her and laid his body on the top of hers to protect her from his hits, but the abuser did the unthinkable, he brought a hammer and started attacking the dog and hitting him with it, but when he found that the Great Dane dog will not ever leave his owner alone, he picked up the dog from his collar, and threw him out of the house, and then he led him to a busy intersection, the heartless man left him there to die!

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At the same time, all what the woman thought about was to escape, she didn’t care for his threats for her to shoot her and her dog, but she took the most courageous step, she ran towards the car, took her dog, she didn’t think about it, she sped up and went to the police station, and there they told her that she will be sent to the Rose Brooks Center.

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Despite that the Rose Brooks Center had a no-pets policy, they allowed her to take her dog in with her; she was not ready to leave her guarding angel that sacrificed his body for her, and this woman was the reason to change that policy, now the center allows any four legged partners to live inside the center with their owners.