Her Dog Went To The Lush Lawn To Play, And He Returned As A Dead Torn Body With A Horrible Message Pinned on Him

Until when will we keep reading about these cruel acts towards animals? Till when will we keep reading about dogs that are found buried alive or being abused to death!? What happened to this beautiful dog is showing how horrible the situation is!

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Foxx the 13 years old Pomeranian dog, one of the cutest dogs that you will ever see, was killed. It all started on Friday night, wherehis owner, VerlineBarthelemy, was at her home with him, cooking dinner for the family, when she opened the patio door, the dog went down the stairs and went to the lush lawn behind the building, but sadly he didn’t return home! As she said, he always comes back, he can’t stay away for more than two minutes, she went down when she found he is late, she started calling on him, but there was no answer, and she didn’t hear any noise! On Saturday morning, the neighbor told the dog’s owner that his body is on the stairs “dead”!

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Her boyfriend called the police immediately! His body was torn, she found a horribly cruel note written on a blue-lined notebook paper and it said “We beat it to death, LOL! HAHAHA!” The Emergency Animal Hospital reported that the dog’s spine, ribs, jaw were fractured, and shockingly his stomach was displaced! As for the dog’s owner, she was totally shocked and depressed! She can’t even imagine how much pain her dog had went through! It makes her wish that he was dead from the first hit, she wish that he didn’t felt that kind of pain! She also said that the way they live after Foxx’s death is different! She is afraid if they are targeted, and she can’t even let her boy play alone in the backyard.


Investigations started, Major Carlos Bermudez said that he didn’t see a case like this ever! It’s horribly cruel, and tragic! He also announced that this case is taken very seriously. And about the note, the Major said that the one who did this is for sure someone who knows the pet, and knows for whom it belongs to! Investigations are taking place till now, and we will inform you with new updates.