Her pup tries to speak. But does she say what I think?

Some species are known to be incredibly smart, such as dolphins, crows, monkeys, and, of course, the most beloved creatures, our precious pups. It’s been proven throughout history that our best friends would not stop stunning us with their senses and talents. Moreover, our pups can understand exactly what we say to them, mostly.

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Some dogs are truly good at making it seem as if they know English. We have never heard them speak anything of course, but regarding this particular point, some pups seem to be more special, such as the one in the video below, whose family believes she is the most special pup in the entire world!

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A beautiful fluff-head pup named Phoebe is living with a family from Melbourne. She is a very good girl and always behaves well, but there is something extremely special about her so that her video is now taking the internet by storm!

It seems that Phoebe loves to interact with her human verbally! Certainly, many people think she just makes dog noises, but her family is totally convinced that she can say a few English words, including her all-time favorite drink that is actually Coca-Cola, “she said!”

Phoebe also seems to know how to say her human mom’s name when she says, “Hello Laura!”

Do you think Phoebe is actually talking to the camera? Or she is just a dog making doggy noises? Please tell us your thoughts in a comment!

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