Watch What This Woman Did To Her Dog When She Couldn’t Afford The Vet’s Bill


I still can’t get over it, even after writing this article.  I still can’t believe that there are such heartless owners! Because what this owner did to her dog is something beyond shocking.

Alsu Ivanchenko was the owner of  Snowflake, a cute 3-month-old Maltese puppy.  Unfortunately, the dog’s leg was broken, so the owner took her dog immediately to the vet for the necessary treatments.  However,  when she was faced with the bill, she refused to pay it.  She found that the best way to solve the problem was to get rid of her Maltese puppy.  The cruel owner decided to throw her dog out of her car, after stuffing it in a black trash bag!  It’s a horrific action, which can never be justified.  I can’t believe how heartless she is. Why didn’t she take it to the RSPCA or any other animal shelter.  For God’s sake, she could have left it at the clinic, anything would’ve been better than what she did.

A passerby saw the woman tossing the Maltese puppy out of the car.  He was very suspicious, especially when he noticed that there is something moving inside the trash bag.  He rushed towards the bag, opened it, and to his shock he found the little poor puppy. The man took the puppy to the hospital.

The police was able to track Ivanchenko down and arrest her.  When asked she claimed that she couldn’t afford the expensive bill, so she thought of this solution.  The x-owner was charged with animal cruelty and abuse, torturing an animal, injuring an animal, and abandonment.  She is now facing two years imprisonment as a penalty for her unkind actions. As for the little puppy, thankfully she is fully recovered with a new name, Pip, and a new loving owner.