Her son fell down in the bath tub; see what this pit bull did to rescue him

6-8-2015 5-13-23 PM

As a pit bull owner, how many times you received that weird look from people that you tell them that you own a pit bull dog, especially when you have another pet or having kids in the house. Pit bull dogs are one of the kindest and faithful dogs; people think that they are wild, that’s why they submit them in fights. It leads to a breed discrimination for Pit Bull dogs that is born in the United States. Sadly, it leads sometimes for many pets’ owners to be forced to leave their beloved pets due to this breed-specific legislation. Now, pit bull is targeted to this breed discrimination, before this, there were German shepherd, Doberman and Dalmatians or any big dog breed.

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But this story proves that pit bull dogs are the real saviors and royal breed, they have kindness more than any other breed. This is the story of Ember, the rescued pit bull dog who has a special bond between her and that little boy, the family noticed it all, and it’s shown in every moment. Tre, the little boy was having a bath, and accidently he fell down in the bath tub. Ember ran immediately to the parents’ bedroom, she stood in front of his mother and started to crumble and bark, his mother knew that there was something wrong, she got up and followed her pit bull dog that led her to the bathroom, and she was shocked by what she found. Tre was having a seizure, his parents took him and rushed to the hospital, the doctor said that the boy’s condition was about to be much worse, but what Ember did saved him.

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What is amazing about the story is that Ember was a rescued dog, living in streets, abandoned, with no family, this story is helping in stopping the negative stigma around the breed.