Here Are 13 Reasons Will Make You Get A Dwarf Donkey, Immediately!


Speaking of Cuteness! It looks so adorable and heart capturing when playing around and hopping in the yard.


Never Ever a Dwarf Donkey gets enough of love and compassion, it is just in the mood to enjoy your cuddling.


Cute and adorable all the time, its cuteness is endless!


A Dwarf Donkey knows exactly that while feeling tired or lazy, it is the perfect to pause everything around and just RELAX!


Although while feeling tired a Dwarf Donkey chooses to relax, It can be super active and playful.


Doesn’t it have the most adorable ears in all animals’ kingdom or what?!


It is not a selective kind when it comes to eating! 😀


And literally a Dwarf Donkey eats from your eat to boot.


A Dwarf Donkey is easy going and amazing with children.


It makes friends easily with other friends as well!


A Dwarf Donkey’s colors are very various and you just enjoy its beautiful colors.


OMG! Just look at this amazing fuzzball, It must be named Buster.


Speaking of donkeys, have you checked this Cutest Donkey as well?!

The mule, who is named Mike left his paddock after the gates were open by Storm Desmond which blew the country over the weekend. Unaware, he walked straight into the River Laune where the rising flood waters were just outside Killorglin.

After a while, and catching his breath on the shore, Mike showed gratitude to his rescuers with an amazing big smile from his heart. Mike, was named after the name of his rescuer and he was taken to the Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) where he was treated to recover his ordeal.

These creatures are one of the greatest blessing in life, the ability to know about them, witness them in some cases or the best is helping them, are the greatest thing a human can do.

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