Here are 5 things you may be doing with your dog that may be breaking his heart.


No doubt that we all love our dogs, and we want them to live as happy and comfortable as we are, we all want the best for them. But there is something that you do that actually breaks your dog’s soul and crushes it, you are doing it and you don’t know that your dog is getting hurt by it and stressing your beloved pet. To make sure that you don’t do something like this, read this list of the five ways you hurt your dog’s spirit with.

Woman Running with Dog

It’s one of the biggest problems that may crush your dog’s spirit; dogs are energetic and full of energy, the want to move and run, and play all time. Dogs have to get an exercise every day; it affects both their physical and mental health. Take your dog for daily walks, play with the ball, and go to parks; it’s what your dog wants. Every dog breed needs a special amount of daily exercising, so read about your dog breed and give them time for exercising. It’s good for you also, and it will strengthen the bond between you and your furry four legged friend.


Taking your dog’s food or toys away is the worst thing to do for your dog; you are totally destroying your dog’s spirit. Don’t do this specially when they are eating or chewing and playing with their own toys, and also don’t use this as a punishment.


Sadly, some owners still use this awful way of punishment, which is locking them in the crate as a part of punishment which hurts your dog very much. Crate training is only for feeling safe and fun in need, by this act you are creating an enmity between the dog and your crate, it’s totally crushing your dog’s spirit.


Yelling to your dog is the worst thing, dogs actually understand your voice tone, they understands if you are aggressive and mad at them or not, yelling at your dog especially in training time is not good at all.


Leaving your dog for a long time alone in home is crushing their spirit and it causes depressing and sadness. Dogs are sociable animals; they love to spend lots of time with their families, leaving them alone hurts your beloved pets. You have to know that your dog really feels sad when you are not around.