Here are 9 brain games you can play with your dog


We all love playing games with our dogs. However, physical games are not always enough – mind games are just as fun and very beneficial for the health of your dog.
Here are 9 ideas for mind games you can easily play with your dog.

Treasure Hunt:
This game aims at stimulating your dog’s brain and teaching him how to use all his senses. Start easily and reward your dog with each item he finds, then go harder by hiding things in tougher places, maybe even use some cardboard boxes! Your dog will love the feeling of reward and it will make him more confident of his abilities.

Hide and Go-Seek:
A very simple game yet also very fun! You’ll need to play this with at least two other people. This time, you’ll be the treasure your dog has to hunt! Get ready for an endlessly fun playtime.

Ring Stacking:
This one would be a bit challenging to learn, but using a click-and-treat technique, your dog will learn it in no time. Find some wooden rings and a pole. The goal of the game would be to stack the rings around the pole. Your dog will love it once he gets the hang of it!


Shell Game:
Hide a treat under one of two cups and let your dog choose. Sounds simple but for dogs it requires lots of mental work!

New Trick:
Give your dog a treat every time he does something new. This encourages your dog to think independently rather than just follow order, and it’s also super funny!

Hot and Cold:
Think of something specific you want your dog to do, and every time they get closer to it, say “hot!” enthusiastically and toss them a treat. When they get far, say “cold”. This game is helpful for shaping a new behavior of any sort.

52 Toy Pickup:
After teaching your dog how to drop a toy on command, start teaching him how to drop it in a certain place. This will make your cleanup time much more fun!

The Name Game:
As a follow up to 52 Toy Pickup, you can teach your dog to pickup toys by calling their name!


Jumping Rope:
This game is great for eye and body coordination! Start slowly at first then watch how quickly your dog gets used to this awesome game that also requires physical activity.