Here are the 10 most dangerous human foods that may hurt your cat


Not every type of food is suitable for our pets, as we talked before about the human foods that is dangerous to dogs in this link. So today we will introduce you to ten human foods that are dangerous for your cat, to know how to keep your cat healthy, also cats already love to take bites from her owner’s plate, maybe this bite will be the most dangerous thing every that will cause danger on the cat’s health.

1-No doubt that raisins are delicious but it’s not good for your cat, it can cause kidney failure so you have to avoid giving her any raisins and also the same for grapes.


2-Onions is very dangerous to cats, it destroys cat blood cells which causes a serious blood problems. And also onion powder, don’t let your cat eat anything with onion powder in it.


3-Garlic is the same as onions, but it’s also more dangerous, so avoid feeding your cat anything with garlic in it.


4-Raw eggs are also dangerous; the bacteria in it might cause poison, and some enzymes that may cause skin problems


5-Alchol can cause poisoning, so make sure that your cat is not sneaking at your drink


6- Caffeine is also very dangerous for cats and any food that contains them, it causes dehydration and it can cause problems in the heart and the nervous system, also chocolates.


7-fats are useful for your cat, but having a bunch of them will hurt your cat and help her gain weight.


8-Bones, one of the most dangerous things that cats might eat, it may cause vomiting or having diarrhea


9-Milk can be not good for cats, much of it cause digestive problems and diarrhea.


10-Avocadoes are dangerous, they lead to many problems and it depends on how much your cat ate from it, all of them can lead to death.