Here is the best 10 dog breeds for your children.


We know that the bond between dogs and babies is special and strong, but it can’t be created with any dog breed, the fact is that not all the breeds are good to keep in home with children, according for their temper, so which dog’s breed is suitable to raise it with your pet?


Boxer dogs are one of the best breeds for children, they love kids too much. A boxer dog is curious and full of energy which makes them great partners in adventures and games.


The good nature that Mastiff dogs have had made them special for kids. They are an ideal family pet.


Old English Sheep dog is one of the cutest dogs ever; they are very lovable dogs to their family and for the little friends.


Labrador dog is the number one choice for those who have babies in home, they love to play and swim, and they are perfect family member.


The Dalmatian dogs are related already with the Disney world, every family member had watched the 101 Dalmatian, they are very friendly and playful, also protective and very loving for babies.


Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the lovable nature breeds, they are also very calm tempered dogs and they are very gentle with kids.

Golden Retriever stick its tongue out

Golden retriever dogs are the best of all; they are lovable, friendly, active, full of energy, and born to play which is very suitable for playful kids


American Staffordshire terrier is the best choice if you are searching for loyalty.


Newfoundland dogs are the gentle giants, and their hearts are as big as their size.


Mutts are a kind of mixed breed which is very good for your family; they are very loving and loyal.

Read the article and make your choice, and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.