Here is the story of Jellybean after she was lost from her home.

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Nothing’s ever more heartbreaking than losing a dear one. Mrs. Williams felt that kind of pain when her lovely jellybean went missing.

A barbecue party had been set at the weekend in Mrs. Williams house, lots of fun is around because of this occasion, but it all changed when her neighbor told her that he saw Jellybean heading out of the yard and walking down the street, and someone stopped his car and picked her up. Mrs. Williams broke down, Jellybeans is the closest to her heart… How could she face her life with Jellybean not around? But she hoped for a reunion; Jellybean has her tag name on so it’s easy to identify her, also she had her micro chipped just days before she was lost. She hoped that it could help in finding her but she was mistaken.


The microchip is a non-identifying circuit; it’s placed under the dog’s skin or any other animal. It’s in the same size of a rice grain. A radio frequency identification technology is used to identify your pet if it’s in a shelter.

After two months had passed, in loss of lovely Jellybean and the broken heart of Mrs. Williams; a surprising call had been received in her home saying that they found her dog but to take her back she had to pay money in return. And she connected the dots; her dog had been kidnapped. That call made her so hopeless and sad. But she came to a decision to call the police and maybe they can find those selfish people who want money in place of a dog.

But another surprising call was waiting her, from the Michigan human society telling her that they had found Jellybean and that she is safe in their shelter, all she had to do was come and bring her back home.

Jellybean was found under the tree with no tags, and was brought to the shelter, but she was scanned and identified so they contacted Mrs. Williams and told her the big happy news.

The moment of their reunion was recorded; no words could ever describe that meeting. Mrs. Williams was telling Jellybeans “Mommy’s going to take you home”, millions of hugs and kisses were exchanged. It’s so heart touching and compassionate, it forces your tears to stream down your face. Let’s hope that Jellybeans won’t sneak out of her house again!