Here is your secret guide to 8 creative ways to avoid a bath

 Here is your secret guide to 8 creative ways to avoid a bath

Most of dogs, also cats and sometime babies, hate the bath time, actually for some unknown reason. And this video is a simple guide to your dog. This video simply will help your dog figure out the 8 creative ways to avoid bath, and they are totally hilarious.

The first of all is to forget how to walk! Forget how to use your legs, forget why are those paws are made for, just lie on the ground and move your legs in the air. The second creative way is to never stop moving, move around in circles, and try your best to look cute, like all the cuteness that this kid has while he is running with his diaper on. The Third way is to play dead, and let me tell you, it’s the most effective one, and it is also the most common because of its simplicity. The fourth way is to hang on to something, never leave it, and it is preferred to be fixed object, but if you are not strong enough, this simply won’t work. The Fifth way is to do something adorable; it’s a good way to distract your owner. It will take from their mind the bath idea. And there are other creative ways like drinking all the water in the bath which I think is definitely a new way!

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Beside all these creative ways, The most common mistake an owner can do with their dogs is saying that it’s bathing time, once they will know, they will start running. So it’s better to get a treat for them in the bathroom so they can associate bathing with food, which will make it a lot easier.

So next time you are about to bath your pet or your kid, grab your camera, maybe you will help us figure out another creative way. Watch this funny video and if you like it, share it with your family and friends.