A hero dog saves his dog friend from the earthquake.


Dogs are heroes; it’s adorable to watch how they protect their owners, and also their dog friends. What this dog had done is adorable and courageous, here is the complete story.

It all starts when there was a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Cebu city in Philippines last year in 15 October, 2013. A hidden camera was set on one of the building; luckily for us this scene was recorded and caught live on CCTV channel. When the earthquake happened, all the people went out in the streets terrified, you can see the hero dog also getting out from the shop, poor hero dog he was very scared. But the weirdest thing ever is that the hero dog looked around himself then turned back inside the shop. It’s very surprising, and guess the reason why? It’s unbelievable. The hidden camera inside the shop showed us the real reason behind what this hero dog had did. The little hero dog was helping his friend inside, it seems that his friend was afraid to go out, but the loyal dog didn’t accept getting out without being with his own friend, it’s an adorable story to tell, dogs are very loyal, nothing is precious in life than having a loyal dog. It seems that loyalty is not just for dog’s owner, but for their friends. Let’s appreciate our dogs, and give them endless care and love, because they deserve it.

Dogs have a strong sense; there are things that dogs can sense before they even happen, dogs can sense earthquakes, they also can sense storms, and they also can sense and smell illness, like cancer and high blood temperature.

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