Hero Police Officers Rescue A Puppy After She Was Thrown Into Traffic


This is another sad case of animal cruelty when Police Officers in Midland, Texas received a call early on April 16, 2015 reporting a man who was trying to throw two puppies into the paths under moving cars, the Midland Reporter-Telegram reported,  “A witness on scene told officers the man threw this little one into the back windshield of their vehicle,” wrote the MPD on Facebook.

When the Police Officers arrived at the scene, the abuser threw one of the little defenseless puppies straight into the windshield. After arresting this abuser, the officers brought the frightened little puppy with them to the station. The abuser was charged  $500 for a criminal offense.

Unfortunately, the other little puppy was too frightened and ran away! “This precious pup had a rough morning but she’s getting lots of love from officers,” posted Midland Police on their Facebook page, “the puppy is a little shaken but she’s not hurt and is expected to be OK!”

After rescuing the little puppy, the Police Officers named her Marley and took her to a local animal shelter. At the local animal shelter, Marley was found shaken but not badly hurt. Luckily, Marley stole the heart of one of the Police Officers, Lt. Brian Rackow, and he adopted her officially.


This is a story of animal abuse and cruelty that ends brightly thanks to good hearted Police Officers and Lt. Brian Rackow in particular because he made his mind that this poor little puppy deserves a loving home where she can feel loved, secured and live the life she deserves to have.

This is one of the inspirational stories that showers my heart with warm and gratitude, share Marley’s story with your friends!