Heroic Dog Dies From Exhaustion After Saving 7 People’s Lives After The Earthquake


A golden Labrador died from sheer exhaustion after rescuing seven people who were trapped in the wreckage of a catastrophic 7.7 magnitude earthquake that hit the city of Pedernales in Ecuador last week.

The rescue dog named Dayko, who was only 4 years old, has been hailed a hero for aiding Ibarra Fire service in looking for survivors in the stir of the destruction. Dayko has been fulfilling his duty for more than three and a half years.

A post on Facebook from Ibarra Fire Service’s page says that the brave dog out of sudden collapsed during search operations and at the end died from “immense coronary myocardial infarction and  acute respiratory failure”.


Rescue officials show at the awful scene doing their best to revive the heroic dog but sadly he was already gone!

Firefighters who have been working with Dayko until the end, at that time, repeated their sentiments for the painful loss of their brave friend, as per reports from The Telegraph.

“This four-legged friend gave his life in the line of duty. Thank you Dayko for your heroic efforts in Pedernales and in various emergencies where you were present,” said one of their representatives. “You held high the name of the K9 unit”.

The earthquake of April 16, is one of the most destructive calamities in the whole country’s recent history. Sadly, it has reportedly claimed the lives of at least 654 people at the same time as leaving 2.000 others wounded.


Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa said reconstruction could cost billions of dollars and the impact on economic growth “would be huge”.

Rest in peace, brave Dayko. No one will ever forget your brave actions.


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