Heroic Team Provides Shelter And Medical Care For Stray Animals In Afghanistan!

In Afghanistan, the war caused country resources to be scarce. While locals struggle to get by, there is one thing that is often overlooked, the animals. Despite the progress made and the aid provided, animals are still roaming the streets of Afghanistan in search of food, and many of them are injured. Unfortunately, many locals do not have the knowledge needed to care for these poor animals, and they lack the fund needed to do so.

Pen Farthing is the founder of one of the first veterinary clinics in Afghanistan. He is working for a noble purpose, which is giving many desperate animals a true chance in life. Farthing believes that each and every hungry and injured stray animal deserves a loving home. Farthing and his crew who are saving no efforts to save stray animals in need, despite many other people may think of their efforts to be trivial.

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This furry friend is Wonder. You can see that she is nursing her little puppy, Serac. A friendly expat brought them to Farthing’s vet clinic after founding them in a drainage ditch.

Wonder was trying to keep her little baby warm. Sadly, the momma dog had glaucoma that caused her to be severely blind. However, this did not prevent her from caring her last surviving puppy and protecting him from potential dangers.

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There are so many dogs like Wonder that have no shelter. These strays can do nothing but wandering the streets looking for food. There is almost no place for them for treatment, and they are totally uncared for and malnourished.

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Thanks to Pen Farthing, some of these helpless animals have a chance since he founded one of the very first vet clinics in this country.

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Nowzad is not only a veterinary clinic, it is much more a shelter for animals, as many as the place can contain.

The co-founder of Nowzad, Hannah Farthing, explained, “We have a dynamic staff of five extremely caring and experienced doctors and six animal caretakers, all Afghans, who look after the animals in the shelter and new cases that come in every day.”

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Unfortunately, dog fighting is a sort of normal culture in Afghanistan, and many of the injured pups that are brought into this animal care center are victims of this practice. The staff there is exerting huge efforts to aware as many locals as possible about animal welfare.

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Additionally, the doors of Nowzad are always open for Kabul University students. While these students have a graduate course in veterinary science, they have no facilities to get the needed hands-on experience.

At Nowzad veterinary clinic, these graduate students have the chance to gain the experience they need to take care of animals.

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There is only one way to change the culture of abuse, which is through providing the locals at all ages with knowledge. Therefore, this animal care center is also committed to educating young Afghan school students on the animal care basics.

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Now, Nowzad offers shelter for over 120 dogs, 40 cats, and 4 donkeys. For the first time in their lives, pups like Wonder and her baby Serac have a true chance in life. After full recovery, this pair will be introduced to the forever family they deserve living with.

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As Afghanistan develops, Nowzad animal care center will continue its amazing work ensuring that animal welfare is a top priority. The rescue center runs an individual funding campaign for each and every animal living with a family in Afghanistan or abroad.

You can visit Nowzad’s website to find out more details about the stunning work being done by its wonderful staff, and to help the needy animals of Afghanistan if you love to.

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