Hilarious puppy reaction to lime


This is definitely a hilarious and a funny video!  Watch to see the “Hilarious Puppy’s Reaction to Lime.”  Somehow, the puppy got ahold of a slice of lime; He begins by playing with it, and actually he had gone crazy after it.  When he finally got a taste of it, he does the funniest movements; I guess dogs can’t make the same face as we do when we taste a sour lime.  So instead, the dog makes funny movements.  His reactions to the lime are absolutely hilarious.  Even after he tastes it once and knows it is sour, he does it again and again.  Too funny!  Watch the video to see what happens. But it’s well known that limes are from the toxic food that is dangerous on dogs, so don’t try to do it with your dog.


The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained huge success; actually it’s one of the videos that you won’t stop laughing from it. That’s why it received too many views that crossed 1.9 views, viewers gone crazy because of this dog reaction, and it was shared for thousands times on social media and pets’ blogs, but some of the viewers commented about the fact that lime can be dangerous on dogs, even if it’s with a little amounts, but anyway the dog was just tasting or licking it, I don’t think he will taste it ever again.

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