Hilarious! See what this cat reacts when she hears the sound of the packing tape.


Cats have their own tricks and jokes, but this funny cat is totally different than the others. What this cat is doing is the most hilarious thing. In each time the owner of this funny cat uses the packing tape, and after the funny cat heard the sound of the packing tape, the funny cat did the most hilarious thing ever: she sticks her tongue out of her mouth and when her owner repeats the act; her funny cat is doing this again and again. I wonder why this funny cat reacts like this when she hears the sound of the packing tape. Whatever the reason is, and despite of how wired is this thing, it makes us laugh hard, I seriously couldn’t stop laughing on this. Enjoy watching, laugh hard, and share it with your family and friends.

There are so many breeds of cats, like Persian cats, Bangle cats and Sphynx cats, but all of them have the same temper, the same acts, and the same tricks and funny morals. But actually, this cat is a Persian cat, and mostly they feel this wired with so many objects. Persian cats are very beautiful; they are very charming, and the best home companions. You better enjoy that furry coat while you’re hugging them, because they love to cuddle. Persian cats are well known for their furry coat that actually needs lots of grooming and care, you have to brush your cat daily because when she licks herself, the shedding hair goes through her tongue to her stomach which causes many digestive problems. But with their cute short legs, their very soft voice, their very cute rounded head and a small deep nose, it makes them look adorable and lovable. Persian cats’ eyes are beautifully rounded; their colors are amazing with some shades in them. Yes, they are the most amazing, beautiful cats ever.