His dog is paralyzed, but he did an amazing thing for him every single day.

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I didn’t see something like this for my entire life, it’s the first time that I see a loyal man, and all of his loyalty dedicated to his dog. In the time that people who gives up on their dog because they are paralyzed, or the paralyzed dogs who are left without adoption in shelters, this man is giving all of his time to his dog friend, and the reward that he takes is only a few licks from his dog, it’s when his dog tells him that he really loves him deeply, and he is thankful for everything he did for him.
The bond between this man and his paralyzed dog is different and strong, it all started in 2004 when Craig Mosher decided to make a surgery to his dog Loois, and the surgery reason was to treat a painful bone condition. While surgery, Loois’s spinal cord was injured, it was shocking and heartbreaking, now sadly, the dog will live all of his life, paralyzed in his back legs.

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His owner took the decision to help his dog live a normal life, he decided to make every second of his life happy, and never give up on him, he made his dog live happily and healthy, since the injury of Loois. The owner made the exercising time so special, so he wakes up early every morning, take his dog, let him wear a special designed harness, he controlled him from his back legs, it’s like he is holding his back legs for him so he can run happily, they have a quarter mile walk together, then they turned back to the garage to start a special type of exercising.  As his owner said, those exercises are very important to keep his dog healthy with strong muscles.

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The owner said in the end that his dog is keeping him a good person, but sadly the story didn’t end like this, Loois passed away in 2011, but his story with his owner didn’t stop spreading all over the world.