His Dog Spots A Seal Swimming Near The Shore… His Reaction Unexpected

Humans, with all their social intelligence, humor, civilization and wit, find it hard to make friends with strangers. We usually shy away from any social interaction with a stranger and would prefer not to make the first move. We find it awkward and hard to initiate conversation with someone we don’t know. However, this dog has no such problem.

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He finds a seal swimming alone and decides to make friends at once. He quickly swims to the seal and starts getting closer to him. At first the seal acts indifferent and skeptical to that strange creature, but soon enough he gets caught up with the dog’s enthusiasm and spirit, and decides to become friends with the dog as well.

They play together in the water for a while. The swim and ride the waves, and have a good time. Then the doggy’s owners start calling him and he has to say goodbye to his seal-friend and go to his owners. This dog has more courage than most people. He wasn’t afraid to make the first move. He wasn’t afraid that maybe the seal won’t like him. He took a step and was confident and secure about it.

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This dog has proven to us that it’s okay to be friendly with strangers. There’s nothing wrong with trying to know new people. Having a wider circle of friends is usually a good thing. Knowing new people gives us more insight in life and consequently, we gain more experience. This dog should give us lessons about socializing and social intelligence. He is a role model in friendliness and confidence. We applaud his high spirit and nice attitude.

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