His dog was diagnosed with cancer, so he made an amazing thing for her before she was put down!


When you know that your dog won’t have much time left to live with you, you remember your best and worst moments together; you think about things that you wish that you had time to do together, which is why this owner decided to make every second left special. When he knew that his dog was diagnosed with cancer and she won’t have much time left, he decided to make the time left special and unforgettable, so he made a bucket list to make with his dog, and the time left is six week.


Coco the Rottweiler dog was diagnosed with bone cancer. The vet gave the Rottweiler dog only six weeks to live. Her owner Symon Spencer was shocked, but he decided to make those six weeks special. He made a bucket list to do together with his beloved Rottweiler dog before she crosses the rainbow bridge.


Symon and his partner Theresa made the bucket list special, they ran on the beach with Coco and ate a Big Mac, and they made lots of crazy things like sitting in a police car. They wrote in the bucket list that they want to meet Vet Noel Fitzpatrick who stars in Channel 4 program, Supervet, it was one of the most important things to do, and thankfully they did, but sadly, after days, Coco passed away, she died at home, the last thing that they did was eat sushi. Later she was put down because she was too ill, it wasn’t an easy thing, it was very heartbreaking for her owner, and it was very hard to handle her loss. As he said, he kissed her head and gave her a big hug while she was giving her last breath, he was thinking that his dog will live with him forever, it is very heartbreaking.



Appreciate every moment, make a bucket list now and do it with your dog, appreciate every day, give them endless love, because they deserve it. Put in mind that one day, your beloved dog won’t be with you.