His German Shepherd dog saved his life, when I found out how, it was heartbreaking

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If you’re a dog owner, then you just know how much of a blessing having a dog as a pet is. Dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate. They have more than once proven how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn and acquire new skills and habits. Dogs are also very protective of their owners and anyone they have shared the house with, they are known for being brave and willing to sacrifice their own safety in order to protect those who they love. So it’s fair to say that dogs are way, way more than just pets.
Every day we see lots of stories about heroic dogs, and this one is no different. This German Shepherd dog is truly a hero.

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It all started when a group of hikers, including Jonathan Hardman and his German Shepherd, Rambo, were hiking on Mount Bierstadt in Colorado. It was a beautiful summer day, however, suddenly a storm hit the mountain.

While they were trying to descend the mountain while the storm hit, Jonathan was calling for his dog to come next to him, and suddenly, Jonathan was hit by a lightning bolt. When he woke up, to his shock, he found that his dog had died.
It became clear then than Jonathan only survived being hit by the bolt because his loyal dog Rambo was next to him, so the charge hit both of them. Sadly, Rambo could not withstand it. However, it is because of his sacrifice that Jonathan survived.

Rambo is truly a hero. He sensed the danger and decided to not leave his owner’s side, and because of his loyalty, he saved his owner’s life.
We know Rambo is in a better place now, and we will always remember him and all of the other brave dogs.