His horse fell into a car maintenance tunnel, see the amazing rescue.

5-22-2015 10-09-03 PM

It’s one of the most amazing and hardest rescues ever. What happened to this horse was very terrifying; I was holding my breath while watching this 13 minutes rescue, but thankfully the end was worth the watch. It all started when a farmer woke up in a morning, and he was totally surprised and shocked when he found his horse stuck. The horse had fallen in a car maintenance tunnel. That tunnel was in his size but it was deep that the horse can’t get out of it by himself.

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When the owner found his horse in that situation, he had broken down, he brought lots of straws and let it inside that tunnel to help raising the horse up so it would be easy for him to get out of the tunnel, but for a whole day his tries and attempts were failing. His heart was crushed and he didn’t know what to do, imagine how it feels like to see your beloved animal in a horrible situation like this. On the next day, rescuers from the local fire department came to the rescue, they added more straws to help getting the horse higher, they tried all together to pull the horse but they failed, the horse was exhausted and tired, after he was stuck for a whole day. They left the horse to relax, and when they noticed that he is ready, they pushed it together and helped him get out. The moment that the horse was free was joyful; the horse ran happily, nothing is more amazing than freedom. The result is worth the watch, I am very thankful that the horse is finally saved.


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