His owner didn’t come back, so he stayed there waiting for him for forever.


No words could describe this video, because nothing could express what’s happening in this video. This video is a reenactment of the life and story of Hachi who died in 1935.  Make sure you read the opening thoughts even if you have to stop the video.  They are very important background information. Many of the comments or other viewers do not seem to realize that this is based on a true story. Those first few frames are vital.  With the knowledge of the background, I found this to be very heart warming. It is the story of a true companion that lost his owner.  The Japanese dog Hachiko who waited in the train station for nine years.


As he used to greet his master every day in the same place, but one day his master died because of a cerebral hemorrhage, but Hachiko kept on waiting all the time, he took the attention of people who passed by, they offered him food and treats, one of the workers knew the story so it was published in newspapers. After 9 years, Hachiko died with cancer, leaving an amazing story of loyalty behind. Watch to see this heartbreaking story.

The video is a compilation of scenes from the movie Hachi: a dog’s tale that was released in 2009, starring Richard Gere, it was an American – English production, the movie tells the story of Hachiko. All dogs are like him, dogs are very loyal and kind, nothing is more amazing in life than owning a loyal dog.


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