His owner got him a custom made stair lift, the reason will break your heart

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If you’re a dog owner, then you just know how much of a blessing having a dog in your house is. Dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate. They have more than once proven how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn and acquire new skills and habits. Dogs are also very protective of their owners and anyone they have shared the house with, they are known for being brave and willing to sacrifice their own safety in order to protect those who they love. So it’s fair to say that dogs are way, way more than just pets. They are lifetime companions, and always the best friends you could ask for in those times of trouble.

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This is why it’s only appropriate that we try our best to repay them for all that they give for us.

This adorable video was posted by Youtube user Brandon Raper. The video shows an adorable Bulldog using his custom made lift to go up and down the stairs. It’s the cutest thing ever to watch, he seems to be enjoying its so much!

According to the video description, Hank was a stray dog and was adopted by Holly DiBin in 2012, so there is no way to make sure of his age. He is speculated to be between 7 and 9 years of age, and he sadly has a rare heart condition, which is why he mainly needed the lift.

It’s so great to see a stray dog taken into a home and having such a blissful life. I admire the effort that his owner put in order to have this lift custom made for him, she must love Hank very much, and after watching this video, we sure love him too.

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