His owner was thirsty, what his dog did next is proving how gorgeous this dog is!

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I think nothing is more amazing than having a well – trained dog that can help you in anything. What this dog did for his owner is adorable. his owner ordered him to bring him a bottle of beer, the dog went to the fridge and opened it, grabbed the bottle, then he closed the fridge, not just that, he made sure first that the fridge door is closed, and then he gave the beer bottle to his owner. It’s so sweet. I have no doubt that every dog’s owner wants a dog like this one.

This Australian cattle dog will amaze you by how smart he is, it’s totally unbelievable, the moment you will decide to press the play button, you will say “how did he do that”?

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The video was uploaded on YouTube by the owner of this well – trained smart dog, the video received more than one million views on YouTube and thousands of reviews, some of them were positive and some were negative. Some viewers were amazed by what the Australian cattle dog did, but some viewers had lots of negative views, like why didn’t the owner give some treats for that cute dog after bringing the bottle to him! Well, dogs are not our slaves, we should thank them after doing something good to us, and the most suitable way to thank a dog is to give him a treat.

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