A cute surprise is waiting for this chocolate Labrador dog


1-30-2015 12-43-54 AM

This Labrador doesn’t know that his life is about to change forever. His owner prepared this adorable thing to surprise his own puppy, oh doggie, he just doesn’t want to see you living and playing alone, it’s cool bro, so get ready. The dog has surprisingly found a shopping bag in the kitchen. And by coming closer, he found the thing that will turn his life upside down…it was just a CAT.

Dogs and cats are so different; you think you can’t mix it all together? You are a little bit mistaken! We all think that there is a huge enmity between cats and dogs; it’s believed that they can’t live together in the same place, but that is absolutely wrong. You don’t know that those animals have their special interactions. Maybe at first they chase each other, but then it turns out to be the best friendship ever.

1-30-2015 12-43-38 AM

Thousands of videos proved to us that any dog and cat can be best buddies. So if you want a dog and cat to have a strong friendship like those adorable two, here is how you could introduce your kitty to your dog for the first time, you have to give a walk to your dog before introducing the dog and cat to each other, and then tie the dog before meeting the cat. You have to allow sniffing; they have to know the smell of each other, and don’t ever leave them alone. And you will find that a special friendship had been created in few days.