Homeless Husky Refuses to Surrender to Death!

Recently, a sick homeless dog was rescued from Sacramento streets. The poor Husky was riddled with mange, so she has been taken to Front Street Animal Shelter for care. According to Front Street Animal Shelter, although what the Husky dog has been through, being sick and starving when she arrived, she was luckily safe. She with gently so kind with the shelter’s staff, that is why they named her “Sugar”. Sugar has been slowly recovering since she arrived in December; she went to a foster home just before Christmas, where another dog named Piel was also recovering from burn wounds. Since they have met, Piel and Sugar have become friends.
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Treating Sugar’s mange was a real challenge for her rescuers who found that she is allergic to her proper medication. Moreover, Sugar was noticed to have another disorienting condition. Amid of all testing, the recovering Husky had a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by love and looked after by her foster family.
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Instead of the oral medication that found to cause Sugar dizziness, she is having medicated baths to treat her skin problems. However, it looks like that she just loves the soothing warm bath. Sugar stands up in a tipsy funny way to tell her parents that she wants to go to the bathroom. She loves all the blankets as she loves being close to the heater either.
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According to the shelter rescuers, life is good for the female recovering Husky. Although she still has a relatively long healing trip ahead, she is making great strides. More recently, Sugar’s rescuers got a surprise visit from Sugar; they luckily found a medication that did not cause her allergy. Besides the treating baths, this medication will be crucially helpful for Sugar who already began to recover her coat.
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I hope for Sugar to get better and healthy so that Front Street Animal Shelter can soon work on finding her a loving forever home.


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