Homeless Man Sits Quietly In A Train.. Watch What Happened To Him!

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This is definitely the kind of videos that we want to watch repeatedly. This kind of videos will completely restore your faith in humanity.

A subway train passenger could somehow capture this amazing video of a unforgettable moment. The video shows a homeless man without a shirt was sitting quietly in train in New York city when a stranger approaches him and offers him a T-shirt from his own bag.


The T-shirt giver didn’t do just this

The homeless man tried to lift his arms to put the shirt on but it seemed that he was not able to wear it on his own, it was clear that the man could not dress himself.

The generous and kindhearted man proceeds to put the T-shirt over the homeless man’s arms and head, he totally dressed the man!

The simple act of kindness yet a powerful moment is going viral rapidly more than 100.000 shares in just one day!

Warm_hearted_man_at_New_York_subway_gives_his_t_shirt_and_hat_to_a_homeless_man_Respect (1)

Facebook user named Mike Vee wrote:

“One of the most important parts of this video is that the subway car is nearly empty. This was just supposed to be a straight up random act of kindness without a thought of repayment, credit, or fame. That kind of generosity is authentic. I appreciate it. I feel awful for the man receiving the shirt though; it’s obvious that he’s cognitively impaired and cannot even appropriately verbalize.”

Personally, I feel so grateful and thankful for the kind man’s act of kindness! This video is a heart-warming and I’m literally speechless!

I think about how many times many of us passes by homeless people and turns a blind eye like if these people don’t really exist. This man made me a little bit shy that so many times I didn’t do such action as his. At the same time he motivated me to be positive and help anyone who needs my help! and for that Thank You!