Homeless pregnant pit bull given amazing second chance

Rozie the pit bull suffered a world of neglect for long time, another homeless pup left to fend for herself. While the poor pit bull was pregnant and about to deliver her babies, some good people stepped in just in time. While the society abandoned Rozie, as named later, others offered their help.  Luckily for the pit bull who was about to become a mom, a rescue organization decided to provide her with a place to deliver her newborns, and, of course, a safe place to raise the puppies.

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In the contrary to the stigma attached to the bullied dog breed, Rozie’s foster mom did not take long time to recognize that she is just so compassionate and sweet. Probably, Rozie might be feeling grateful for the gift these good people gave her.  She could not even dream of such gift for her and the litter of puppies who will accompany her soon.  

Rozie’s foster family anticipated the arrival of the newborn puppies to the world; they could not wait to see the sweet pit bull taking the role of the caring mom. While everybody was anticipating the number of puppies she was going to have, it was confirmed on the delivery day that she will be a mom to 8 adorable puppies.  

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The video below documents the rescue of Rozies, as well as the aftermath of the delivery of her adorable tiny pit bull puppies. Just wait until you see her litter.  Mother and puppies are all healthy and safe thanks to their kindhearted rescuers.  


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