Rescued At The Last Minute, After Falling Into A Deadly Pit

26-12-2015 11-41-39 ص

This poor horse found himself alone in one of the most terrifying places; on the edge of the Colombian jungle. Somehow, he fell into a ditch made from water and ground stones. Luckily, people came around to help the poor horse get out of the water.

The police were called to the rural town of Dagua in the Valle del Cauca region after people called them to rescue the poor horse who was stuck in the dangerous waters. The police attached ropes to pull the horse out of the murky pitch. But the rescue couldn’t have happen until a brave boy jumped into the water and started to push the horse from behind and continued the rescue process successfully.

The Colombia’s National Police Service official Facebook page uploaded a video of the rescue showing the noble efforts to save the horse’s life.

This story reminds me of Mike the donkey that was rescued from flood waters, On Sunday afternoon, representatives from County Kerry, Ireland-based  Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) posted a plea for “a boat and men to help” on their Facebook page after receiving a call that a donkey was stranded in rising floodwaters .  He was endangered to a certain death. The good people responded to the organization’s post.

The mule, Mike, left his paddock after the gates were open by Storm Desmond which blew the country over the weekend. Unaware, he walked straight into the River Laune where the rising flood waters were just outside Killorglin. The team managed to pull Mike to the shore using powerful force to fight the water. Back on the shore, the donkey, Mike, was taken to have a well deserved rest after what he has been through.

Thanks to the efforts of such good hearted people, these two poor souls survived. Share with your friends and family!