How Can I keep My dog healthy ?

It’s amazing to have a dog, but what is more amazing is to keep him healthy and keep him away from all the diseases, and it’s not difficult at all to do it. So here are somethings that you have to make to keep your dog healthy.


1-Choose a high quality food to your dog, choose a well-balanced food and high quality treats. Nowadays, there are various varieties to choose from, choose a well-known type of food that gives your dog all the nutritious he needs, and always read the ingredients. Choose a dog food that is free of whole wheat, soy, rice or corn, it’s difficult for dogs to digest, food manufacturers use them to raise the protein percentage in the food, but those ingredients can harm your dog.


2-Because food is the only nutrition source for your dog, you have to choose it right; don’t buy any food that contains chemicals, colors or flavors. The balanced dog food is that which made of “human food” ingredients.


3-It’s good to let your dog try your food, it’s also good to give him humans’ food, but not every type of our food is good for your dog, some ingredients may harm your dog, like chocolates or any sugary food: grapes, onions, garlic and lots more.


4-Maintain your dog’s weight, make sure it’s always normal, and make it always under control.


5-Make sure that the dog’s plates and other supplies are always clean.


6-Always offer your dog fresh and clean water.


7-To keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy, you have to brush it daily, grooming is essential.


8-Clip your dog’s nails regularly, and if you can’t do it by yourself, you can visit the vet, he will help you in that. Also clean your dog’s ears, and it’s easy to do it at home.


9-Take care of your dog’s dental health, bring your dog a healthy bone, it will keep his teeth healthy. You also have to brush your dog’s teeth, and if you are not experienced, you can ask your vet and he will show you.