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How Do You Train a Puppy at Home| Ultimate guide

How do you train a puppy, If the time has come to expand your family with a new furry four-legged companion, let me advise you on how to educate your puppy so that coexistence is perfect.

In this simple but complete guide you will learn how to teach your needs outside the home, sleep without crying, learn to walk and the basic care that every puppy needs.

How Do You Train A Puppy

How do you train a puppy

All dogs are puppies until they are fourteen – sixteen months old, where they are already considered young dogs. Until five or six months of life, it is totally normal to ignore them.

But that does not mean we should not start teaching them how to behave. Some begin to learn at three months and others at six. Whatever it is, remember that it will be your best friend, treat it as such.

And if you still do not have a puppy but you are thinking of having one, remember that there are thousands waiting to be adopted in the multiple animal shelters located throughout the country.

How Do You Train A Puppy

How to start training a puppy to do his needs outside the home

Teaching our puppy to do their needs outside the home is very simple, but we must be patient because it is not something, they learn in one or two weeks.

How do you train a puppy? Once our puppy has his vaccinations (you can see here which are: vaccination schedule for dogs) we can leave the house to walk with him and teach him to pee and poop outside the house.

Some dogs learn to do their things outside of home with four months and others with six months … each dog is a world, and each case is different, so the time can vary a bit.

Teaching them is really simple: When your dog pees or poops at home you should not scold him, look at him badly or get angry (they notice). You just have to clean up the dirt and continue with your daily routine.

Positive reinforcement

When you go for a walk and pee or poop in the street, when you finish you should congratulate him very much, caress him and give him a prize (a dog treat, a piece of sausage, whatever you want).

In this way, your puppy will associate peeing and pooping out of the home to something positive that has a reward and in a short time, will stop doing their things inside the house.

Best Way to Train a Puppy for Walking with the Leash

No puppy likes to be given a collar and much less a leash. It’s as if you limit their freedom, something very understandable. Unfortunately, dogs cannot go loose on the street, because they can escape and be damaged by a vehicle or even escape and get lost.

How do you train a puppy? It is very important that you start your socialization as soon as possible, usually, once you have already received the vaccinations (after three months). Thanks to socialization will be a tolerant dog with other dogs and humans, is a really important process.

Put the collar to your puppy, not too tight, you should be able to put two fingers between the collar and his neck without squeezing. Keep in mind that your dog will grow very fast, so keep an eye on the fact that the collar never squeezes, you will have to expand it every so often.

It is best to leave the collar on, always on the street or inside the house, until you are an adult and are used to it. In this way, he will soon get used to wearing the necklace and will not try to take it off constantly.

How Do You Train A Puppy

House Trained Puppy Teaches your Dog to go out with you

Before leaving home put the strap, I recommend you use a short strap, no more than two meters and that is not extensible. We must teach our puppy to walk, not to be on his own with an excessively long leash.

Open the door of your house and go out first, then your dog should come out, but always when you tell him to, get him to go out with an order like «we go» or «salt».

How do you train a puppy during the ride? be patient with him, the puppies walk much slower than you and also do not like to walk … they just want to run and sniff things.

I recommend that you go to a park or place where you can let go and let him run and play, let him vent, get tired and enjoy life. When you are tired, before returning home, it will be the perfect time to walk with him a little quietly.

You must accustom him to walk beside you or behind you, never let him walk in front of you, pulling. That is as if you told him that he is the boss, that he is the leader of the boss, something he should not believe. If you start walking in front of you, you must correct it.

When you return home, enter your first and then tell him that he enters with an order such as “come on” or “enter”. It is very important that you are always the first to enter and leave the house, if you use them from puppies for them it will be something usual.

Practical example for training your puppy

Take your puppy to a dog park, to interact and play with other dogs. When you are tired, you can teach him to walk on the way home.

Just let him walk next to you if he stops to smell something, for you too and give him time to smell. If he is in front of you, stop and pull a bit of the strap so that it is on your side or behind you.

Bringing a Puppy Home

How do you train a puppy? Some puppies refuse to walk by our side, I always try to go ahead. If you keep a prize in your hand (so that he can see and smell it), he will walk along with you all the way. In a short time, you will learn not to be in front of

Obedience Training at Home

  • Dogs are animals of habits and routines, if you usually get out at the same time, you will learn much faster to control yourself and do your things outside the home.
  • Remember that a puppy is like a baby, although you think it must be smart and obey, in reality, he will only want to eat, play and sleep. So be very patient and never get angry with him if he does not obey you.
How Do You Train A Puppy

Training a new puppy to sleep without crying

The first thing to do is to think if your puppy goes to sleep in the room where you sleep or in another room, such as the living room or kitchen.

You must place a bed in the chosen place to sleep at night and another where you usually spend the day, for example, you can put a bed in your room if you go to sleep there and another in the room, which is where you spend most time ( and you).

So he can take naps whenever he wants without having to go to another part of the house, when they are so small, they always want to be with you and often they will be sleeping.

Never accustom your dog to sleep with you and then, after a few months, send it to another part of the house, because he will think he has done something wrong and it is a punishment. Therefore, it is better to decide the final location where you will always sleep at night.

How do you train a puppy? If your final sleeping location is not your room, for example, the kitchen, you will notice that the first few nights, when you leave him alone to sleep … he will begin to cry.

It is something completely normal and you should never give in and go to visit him to calm him down because then he will realize that when he cries, you go. So you will never learn to sleep alone, however, if you ignore the first few nights, everyone else will sleep peacefully and without crying, you just need to get used to it.

Of course, prepare a comfortable and cozy bed where you can sleep comfortably and always leave fresh and clean water at your disposal.

If you do not have a bed for your puppy, leave a folded blanket so that you can sleep on it, so that it never does on the cold and hard ground.

Practical example for training your puppy

When it’s time to sleep, take him out for a little walk to make his last pee, prepare a warm water bag and leave it in his bed next to him, so he can sleep more calmly.

How Do You Train A Puppy

Puppy first day home

Although all the puppies are cute … they can also be super destructive if they feel abandoned or anxious when they are left alone, biting anything they find.

That is why it is very important to teach them to be alone from puppies, so that when they are adults, they do not destroy our house when we are not there.

how do you train a puppy? For this, we must perform a progressive, very simple and practical training. We will leave our dog in a quiet place in the home, where he has a bed and water at his disposal (an illuminated place).

We will leave home for five minutes and we will return, we will greet him and we will be at home with him for a while. We will repeat this exercise three or four times a day.

With the passing of days, we will lengthen the time we spend away from home, from five minutes to ten, and a few weeks to fifteen, etc … With this, we will get to work your patience.

Practical tips for training your puppy

Most puppies learn to be left alone after a few training sessions, but if yours is an exception … you can always entertain them with an interactive toy like a Kong (with food inside).

You can also leave the TV or radio on, so you can listen to people talking and feel more at ease. It may seem silly, but it is really effective.

Puppy first week at home

How do you train a puppy? All puppies feel the need to bite things, furniture, slippers (they love them), cables, sofas and even ourselves.

It is something totally normal, mainly when they are moving the milk teeth for their final teeth since this causes them enough itching and pain.

How do you train a puppy? When our puppy bites something he should not, including ourselves, we should call his attention. A “No!” Or a loud and resounding “Shhhh!” Should suffice. Then, we will take one of his toys and put it in his mouth to bite him.

The goal is for him to learn that he cannot bite what he wants, except for his toys, which he can bite whenever he wants. In this way, you will quickly learn to respect the furniture of our home and ourselves.

How Do You Train A Puppy

Crate training

Maybe you rescued a pet that was never trained to go to the bathroom outside the house, or you have to move to the other side of the country and you need to put your dogs in a cage for the trip, or maybe your dog is acting destructively while you are out of the house. There are many reasons why you may need to train your adult dog to sit calmly and quietly in a cage or crate.

Punishing your puppy

There are negative punishments (let’s call them that) that must be avoided at all costs, because not only will they fail to improve the behaviors we want, but they can also physically and mentally harm your dog.

  • Physical punishment It does not hurt to say again that physically punishing a dog is a form of abuse and will do nothing but harm the animal and make you afraid of it. On the other hand, the dog can get used to this type of punishment and increasingly understand why you do it.
  • Verbal punishment Yelling or insulting your dog will not make him obey. Remember that he does not speak your language and that he will not treat you better because you scream louder.

Confinement. Enclosing a dog when it does something wrong will not improve the situation much. The little animal will not understand why you do it and will only cry, making your anxiety and worry grow. The effect is the same if you take it out on the terrace and do not let it pass, you will feel locked up.