How Long Can a Dog Be Left in the Car? The Answer is Never!

Sometimes, some dog owners are not aware of all the circumstances that could hurt their dogs, and that results in some very bad consequences, for them and for their dogs.

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Literally one of the worst acts of irresponsibility that dog owners commit is locking their dogs in the car on a hot day! And no matter how many stories we see every day about the dangers of leaving your dog locked in the car, we still see a lot of owners doing it, and the consequences are more often than not drastic.

But still, dog lovers are not giving up on spreading awareness about this situation. This is why some dog lovers teamed up to make this awesome video that helps spread awareness about the dangers of leaving your dog in a hot car.

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BuzzFeed Video made this interesting experiment. Starting around her office, this girl went on to ask everyone how long they thought it would be okay for them to leave their dog in the car. Surprisingly, only one of them said the right answer, which is no more than 2 minutes. Of course, it would be preferable not to leave the dog at all. Then the girl did another experiment where she stayed in a locked car for about 10 minutes, and the temperature has risen a big number, it was almost unbearable for her, so imagine what it would be like for the dogs!

This video is very informative, there are so many facts I think not a lot of people know. This is why it’s important to share this as widely as possible to prevent any more dogs from hurting!

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Watch the video to learn more and know what steps to take if you see a dog locked in a car, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.